Plan your competence growth towards excellence. At the individual and team levels.

After a self-assessement against a competence’s master level, the user of MyPlan will elaborate a development plan.

Then the manager and the team member will discuss the self-assessment results and the competence development plan proposed. They will approve the final outcome. Continuity of the plan is the key success factor. Trainings request can be part of the plan proposed by the user.

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MyPlan SaaS App procurement

The purpose of the MYPLAN software

Support the elaboration of the purchasers’ competence development plan.


Self assessment Vs Procurement competence goals set by job-profile.


Elaborate — at the individual and team level — a development plan based on the 70 / 20 / 10 method. 70% of mastering a new skill come from “learning by doing”. 20% come through colleagues support. 10% from a formal training or coaching/mentoring programmes.


Supports the discussion between the purchaser and the manager. Can be done at the team level.


Get the whole history to visualize the progress and development done.
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