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What ever your procurement development project is, a new way of working is at stake. When hiring me you will address the four factors of a successful change:

MyPlan Purchasing Teamwork

Four key successful factors for change the way of working:


Which vision this project will contribute to?


= Long-term perspective


How is the whole organisation going to comply with it?


= Enable the change at the company level


How the people impacted by the change are they involved in shaping up their own future?


= Activate, Create together the new way of working


How to help individually the same people to master the new techniques/processes?


= Do it! Apply the new techniques on business cases. Mentor. Coach.

I created the 

L.E.A.D method 

based on change management principles to respond to these four key success factors.


Please find hereafter some clients’ cases addressed with the L. E. A. D method.

Case 1:

Implement “procurement Category management”.

This customer has two main challenges. The purchasers felt they were not yet integrated within the business and they were not fully equipped to lead cross functional teams and run an ambitious category management process.
Together after two workshops, we defined the purchasing department goals and what would be the activities that would reach them. We designed a plan to adapt the company’s culture towards cross functional team way of working. Goals alignment between the company and the purchasing department were good grounds for cross functional team work. The next step was to identify the key competences the purchasers would need to perform in the new environment.


Being a category manager

The customer lacks in resources. They hired me to be their category manager. I team up with the internal stakeholders. Propose a category management process. All together we deliver value for the company.

Case 3:

Improve purchasing negotiation skills.

The customer was concerned to see the purchasing category managers fall in a non effective routine.
In this case the procurement strategy was really clear and there was a good sourcing culture within the company. The plan we elaborated was to ask the purchasers to define themselves an ideal negotiation process. I would be used as a facilitator bringing my expertise. The participants thought that a template to support the preparation and the lead of the negotiation would be of a great tool. Finally after a few coaching sessions and making use of the template, it gave confidence to the participants and delivered great value for the company



The purchasing megatrends study.
The sustainable procurement. Norm ISO 20400.
How to run an innovation workshop?
Supplier Relationship management: SRM


The workshop is the main pillar of the L. E. A. D. method. I have developed it for the interactions it creates and above all the buy-in from the participants. Gathering and stimulating the intelligence among all team’s members is the recipe to generate great “fit to purpose” ideas

MyPlan Purchasing Workshop

Workshops have three steps


Prepare: I want participants to be involved and get acquainted with the topic at stake. Articles, videos, business cases preparation, surveys etc.


Create: All together we define the way we want the process to look like to fit the business needs and the company’s culture. We plan how to implement it. We identify the obstacles and the key success factors. We elaborate an execution plan. The workshop output is summarised in tools and templates that can be used as such.


Do: Support the purchasers when performing the new techniques. Coaching – Mentoring – Co-pilot

Each project includes two to three workshops of one or two days each. The time frame is between three to eighteen months.

I want a robust method to bring clarity but as well a dynamic project frame to bring flexibility to the management— cost wise and resources wise.

Area of expertise

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Find hereafter the expertise our customers can access through MyPlan Services:

software services

MyPlan SaaS App procurement

The software Application

Purchasing skills assessment & development.

This digital tool will support the skills assessment of your procurement team members so, you can identify together their development areas and address them. Progress and long-term records are available.